November 11

Impact In A Changing World Conference

Participate in the conference

More Than a Decade of Changemakers

Participate in the conference

Exploring Pathways to the Next Level of Impact Work

The event will take place at Pride Inn Azure from 9am to 6pm

Join us on November 11, 2022 for the Impact in a Changing World Conference, which will bring together participants from non-profit, for-profit corporations, non-governmental organizations and individuals interested in increasing the pace and magnitude of impact work in finding lasting solutions to the complex challenges that we face.

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Access to the evening networking session only

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Full day access for SIM Fellows and L4G Participants

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Access to full day activities

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Session themes and partners
Systems Change

A Case study presentation and guided discussion session facilitated by Ashoka

Case study presentation and a guided discussion looking at social impact interventions that are aimed at creating systems change

Advocacy and Influencing

A case study presentation facilitated by

A case study presentation showcasing successful and impactful initiatives that had advocacy and influencing as a core function

Scaling Social Impact

The Twin Challenges of Impact and Scale – Lessons from Sanergy’s Experience

A case study presentation and a guided discussion on scaling models and lessons learnt from the interventions that have reached scale

Advocacy and Influencing

A masterclass on Storytelling for Advocacy facilitated by Leading Through Story

A masterclass on using storytelling for effective advocacy and influencing

Cross-sector Partnerships

A case study presentation session facilitated by WFP

A case study presentation and a guided discussion highlighting cross-sector partnerships dependent impact initiatives, and key takeaways from their success

ESG and Sustainability

A masterclass facilitated by Responsible Business Consulting

A masterclass designed to support your ESG/sustainability journey with practical tips and tools that will help you structure your implementation

Funding Social Impact

A masterclass featuring an insightful case study presentation facilitated by For Impact

Masterclass and case study presentation looking at positioning your enterprise for social impact funding

A case study presentation and guided discussion facilitated by Busara Centre

A case study presentation that will give you a deeper understanding of how integrating behavior change models can be a success factor for social impact interventions

We need to create more impact faster in order to catch-up, keep pace with, and overtake expanding global challenges!

Impact in a changing world event visual

▸ Full day conference where you will meet and engage with innovative and inspiring change-makers making moves in social impact 
▸ Experience inspiring initiatives and curated, participatory sessions 
▸ Connect with the ecosystem and build bridges to greater impact work
▸ Experiential learning through case study presentations and masterclasses covering cross-sector partnership, systems change, behavior change, funding social impact, scaling impact, influencing and advocacy, sustainability and ESG
▸ Thought-provoking, action-oriented solution clinics
▸ Interactive discussions and Inspirational talks through our Walk Your Talk format