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Activating Leadership for Sustainable Change

Amani Institute Kenya is a social enterprise that supports individuals as well as organizations to build and strengthen their capacity to create social impact by providing them with relevant knowledge, skills and networks.

We predominantly focus on building skills that create change across sectors, whether public, private or within the various spheres of social impact (such as conservation, education, human rights etc.). These skills are leadership, management & social entrepreneurship, innovation & problem solving, communication and sustainability.

We believe that you have the power to create positive change – whether as an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur inside an existing organization.

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To step into the unknown, and into possibility, without having all the answers.

To hold steady in the face of both the seductions and threats of the status quo.

To stand up when others can’t (or won’t)

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To see yourself as part of a larger whole

To burn for justice

To sense common ground when difference threatens

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To build, not (just) critique

To scale the walls that stand in your way

To deploy not just skills and knowledge, but all parts of you

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Global Mindset

To navigate different contexts, locations, and timezones

To see the hidden connections between people and ideas, and build new ones

To catalyze impact across both perceived and actual boundaries

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To see what is not, and ask why not

To look beyond your own position and identity to see what you can do

To set a new direction, for self, organization/ community, and planet


We recognize leadership and problem-solving initiative as more important than academic and analytical skills. This informs our curricula, which is drawn from the methods of leading training organizations that we respect for the quality and proven results of their work.

Much of the learning at Amani Institute is outside the classroom, as it should be, with programs including an element of putting knowledge into practice in response to real-life challenges within organizations.

Our methodology is project-based, working in teams – mirroring the actual work environment in today’s world. The content is built on real world case studies, both local and global, with leading professionals from successful organizations – either in person or via video conference – sharing best practice with our participants.