Impact Stories

Nov 10,2020

Inclusive Education for Sustainable Development in Kenya

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will ...

Oct 15,2020

Innovation to Realize a Food Secure Kenya

1.9 billion tons of food is lost in Kenya. Yes, you read that right. 1.9 Billion tons of food. Yearly.

This ...

Feb 06,2020

How Product Sales at Moko Grew by 66% Thanks to Leadership Training

One of the mantras that we have at Amani Institute is that “knowledge has value when it is applied.” In ...

Dec 20,2019

Out of sight - out of mind? An Interview with Wanjiku Njuguna 

Prison systems across the globe are in dire need of innovation. This is also true – or more urgently so ...

May 14,2019

How Nikhil leveraged his startup experience for social impact

The story of Nikhil Goel, who left a dream job in India to study Social Innovation Management in Nairobi: thanks ...
Apr 12,2019

Management Training for Social Impact at Burn Manufacturing

In emerging markets, small and growing businesses (SGBs) are critical to economic prosperity. They provide much needed jobs, help redistribute ...

Feb 22,2019

Kentaste Develops Managers Via Amani Institute's Management Training Program

For many small and growing businesses (SGBs), acquiring the right talent to enable the business to deal with the complexities ...

Jan 24,2019

Trust the Process – Likumbi Kaphiya Reaps Rewards of Believing in her Vision

Knowing what you want to achieve in your career and going out to actualise one’s vision can be a daunting ...

Feb 27,2018

Gaining Practical Skills To Scale Impact: Rehema's Story

“When you know better, you do better.” these are the resounding words of Rehema Nsanyiwa, as she reflects back on ...