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Building Capacity Through Training and Development

Talent is recognized as one of the biggest obstacles to the growth and impact of organizations across the world.

We believe that it is critical for organizations to invest in building the skills of their staff and other stakeholders, reinforcing their professional development and lifelong learning. As a result, we explore how learning and development can be integrated into our clients’ wider organizational development agenda for maximum impact.

Our customized training programs cover an array of topics and are tailored based on clients’ needs. We have supported diverse organizations all over the world for the last nine years through a unique training methodology that combines practical application and reflective learning.

The programs are available in either in-person or online formats.


Co-Creation with Clients

We believe that for learning and development programs to be truly effective in the long term, there has to be co -creation between Amani Institute and the client. 

We don’t believe that we are know it all experts but that our knowledge and expertise combined with our client’s experiences, desires and knowledge ultimately results in effective solutions to organizational challenges.

High Quality  Design and Delivery

We strive to provide high-quality learning experiences, exciting our clients and creating a lasting impact. For us, learning is a process and not an event. 

We emphasize on customized program design, selecting relevant content and assigning a team with the expertise and enthusiasm to deliver.


Real World Application

A mantra that we believe and practice at Amani Institute is that learning only creates value when applied. This ethos trickles down into the design of our programs to ensure that they facilitate on-the-job application. 

Adults learn by doing, so any effective training requires practice, and reflection.

We focus on experiential and hands-on methods, to make sure the learning sticks.



The Most Needed Skills for Your Organization

Understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring. Building your own coaching toolkit, learning about coaching mindset, ladder of inference, observer-action-results framework. Developing your active listening skills. Understanding coaching flow and process and owning powerful questions. Learning norms, patterns, outcomes for team coaching interventions. Having an introduction to polarity management, finding a third way. Building and running peer groups.
Understanding the difference between problems and polarities. Learning about how polarities work and the third way beyond either/or. Identifying polarities in your daily job (and life) and learn how to successfully navigate them.
Understanding norms, patterns, outcomes, and identifying team coaching interventions.
Placing challenges in their systemic context, understanding have to an impact on holistic level, tools to look for solution through systemic lenses.
Understanding what social innovation is, why is important in the times that we are living now, how to get started, expanding your perspectives to identify challenges worth solving and meaningfully engage all the relevant stakeholders.
Reflecting on the difference between energy and time. Learning how to effectively manage your energy and strengthen wellbeing to better lead your organizations and teams.
Understanding what motivates you and your team to drive your work forward
Understanding how to embrace concepts of diversity, inclusion and belonging into your work to make it stronger, more resilient, innovative and future-proof.
Design Concepts, Basic Method Sequences and Application, complete this class to attain “practitioner” level competency in Design Thinking
Learning how to create a compelling story and connect to the audience no matter the media.
Above and Below the Line, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Building Trust, Motivating your Team, Personality Types
Identifying your Strengths, learning that is more effective to focus on your strengths than your Shadows, promoting the strengths of others
Understanding change and transition management approaches to help organizations and individuals adapt effectively to the new reality and thrive.
Understand how to align your business model and operating practices to enhance your competitiveness while creating value for the organization and the planet, as well as communities in which you operate.
Learning to measure and map the way in which your sector delivers value. Learning and applying a framework to unlock opportunities to deliver value in new and creative ways.


Developing a social innovation curriculum, creation of program workbooks and workshop facilitation

We worked with UNICEF Jordan to develop a social innovation curriculum to inspire vulnerable populations globally. In 2018, we helped UNICEF customize it for Sudanese youth. For both projects we created participant handbooks, facilitator guides, and conducted “train the trainers” workshops.

2016 TO DATE


Custom program design and training for over 2000 young leaders from East and Central Africa

Since 2016, we have led the Civic Leadership track at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Our custom designed program called ‘The African Changemaker’ has trained over 2000 young leaders from 14 countries in East and Central Africa in the skills of responsible leadership in the 21st century.



Designing and facilitating cross-cultural communication workshops for teams in Kenya and USA

In 2021, Amani Institute designed and facilitated a cross-cultural communication workshop for ANGAZA. The program was intended to help the organization’s teams navigate the challenges in communication that are common in global multicultural teams.

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