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An Impactful Leadership Program for Middle and Senior Managers in Small and Growing Businesses in East Africa

Your managers are central to the success of your business. Invest in them to expand the knowledge and skills needed to understand their leadership styles, successfully lead teams and drive business growth.

You’ve heard countless times that Small and Growing Businesses are an engine of shared prosperity that play a significant role in achieving the SDGs, promoting sustainability, and supporting equity. But to keep this engine running, you must overcome the many complex challenges of running a business – from hiring the right talent to keeping them motivated and productive and rapidly solving problems while building viable processes to insightfully keeping your business relevant to the market.

Leadership for Growth is a program that unlocks the full potential of your business by strengthening your managers’ business and leadership skills. This award-winning program combines classroom-based courses, immediately applicable skills, and online learning with a strong emphasis on networking.


This six-month program will:

Help your managers connect teams to the business vision/purpose with clarity:

  • Understand their leadership styles and leverage on the strengths and weaknesses of their teams to drive productivity

Contribute to scaling the business:

  • Once trained, your managers will use effective communication, creativity and problem-solving skills to efficiently respond to challenges and opportunities 
  • They will also confidently make strategic decisions that drive profits

How do we ensure that this happens?

  • We introduce essential business and leadership skills such as strategic thinking, systems thinking, innovation and team development, that enrich both your professional and personal journey as a leader
  • You will work on a challenge or opportunity relating to your role with the support of a business coach as part of the program
  • You will gain fundamental skills and mindsets that will change for the better your relationship with the team you lead, the challenges you face and the organization you work for. These include effective communication, coaching, delegation, building trust and problem solving.
  • We provide a great opportunity to learn with and from your peers and get to see the interconnectedness of organizational challenges as well as experience various approaches to solving them

Sample Skills and Topics

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  • Leadership mindsets
  • MBTI
  • Leading from strengths
  • Upward management
  • Leadership practice


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  • Building Trust
  • Motivation
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching
  • Effective feedback

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  • Design thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Effective presentations
  • Systems thinking


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Focusing on Business Outcomes

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The program aims at facilitating improved business outcomes, not just learning outcomes. We work with individuals to strengthen the results of their business innovation projects.

Delivering for Application

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Our program is designed to create action and application. The practical nature of each session paired with on the job assignments allows participants to put their new skills to test immediately.

Diverse Learning Environment

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Our program attracts participants from different sectors and functional backgrounds allowing for a very rich knowledge exchange and peer learning.

In House

4 – 6 months | Custom | ENG

Custom L4G program structured with the organization’s preference in mind

Open Enrolment

6 months | 99,000 Ecl. VAT | ENG

In-person format with participants from diverse professional backgrounds