Social Innovation Management (SIM)

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Social innovation is a mindset that can be taught, learned and reinforced with practice.

Hundreds of Fellows from all over the world have joined the program since its inception in 2013.

Social Innovation Management runs in a 5-month fully digital version and in a 6-month hybrid version (3 months online and 3 months immersion phase in Kenya, India or Brazil).

Through this program, you will expand your global network and build your professional experience, leadership and innovation skills. The program provides a unique opportunity to become part of a powerful network of fellows and a supportive community of like minded people.

You will also be empowered to develop your own social innovation, organization, or impact an area that you deeply care about.


6 MONTHS | 7,950 $ | ENG

The program is split into an online phase, and an immersive phase in Kenya


5 MONTHS | 4,950 $ | ENG

New skills and a global network regardless of where you are

Amani Institute Social Innovation Management fellow Titus Kuria
Other than learning great personal and professional development tools from renowned trainers, I also have a rare opportunity to interact with fellows with very diverse backgrounds and skill-sets. I feel like the world has been brought to my doorstep and it’s just for me to step out and embrace it.
– Titus Kuria | SIM Fellow