Milagro Pereyra Iraola

Global Community & Partnerships Manager, Amani Institute

Driven by a passion for experience design and facilitation of transformative experiences for stronger teams and communities of practice, Milagro envisions a world in which people thrive while making a positive social impact. With a knack for creative and data-driven problem solving, she works as Amani Institute’s Global Community and Partnership Manager, connecting ideas, people and organizations to drive forward our impact around the globe in a fast-scaling context.

She enjoys coaching leaders, giving them guidance and support to approach hard conversations to reach conflict resolution and solve problems collaboratively.

As Njambre’s Executive Director and late co-founder she worked with thousands of Social Entrepreneurs creating experiences to develop and strengthen their business model, impact, leadership and teams. She collaborated with Amani Institute in creating alt, a program for Latin American professionals working towards change. During her time designing public policy she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship, urban planning and inclusion.

Milagro is a psychologist with an entrepreneurial spirit. She holds Amani Institute’s postgraduate certificate in Social Innovation (Nairobi, 2015/16) and a MA in Digital Management at Hyper Island (Stockholm, 2021/2022). She is curious about Adult Learning, Leadership Development, and Experience Design.

Milagro is a people person and a natural host, always in movement and always learning. She loves cooking with friends, traveling, music and organizing parties and cultural experiences.