Flavia is from Sao Paulo where she lived most of her life besides one year of a bike trip around South America. She is an Amani Institute Social Innovation Management Fellow (immersion in Kenya) and lived for two and a half years in the North of Brazil, in Manaus.

She started her career as an intern at Artemisia Brazil, a social business accelerator. Throughout her professional life she has always been looking for purpose, attempting to achieve the difficult balance between social impact, personal financial sustainability, collaborative team environments and professional growth. After ten years,after graduating from Amani Institute, she was finally able to experience it in Manaus. Here Flavia worked as a freelancing sustainability consultant for organizations such as IADB (Interamerican Development Bank) or the city government hall. After successfully implementing the FIS expansion program from Amani Institute in Manaus, she has now joined the Brazil team as a program manager.

Besides her work, she is always looking for the balance between different cultures and making an effort to help people understand that everything is connected. She is not a "tree-hugger" type of person, but believes that we are nature and unfortunately forgot that along the way. She believes rivers and mountains have feelings and she doesn't feel more important than a pirarucu (the biggest amazon fish). She is very interested in how to eradicate poverty and inequality, loves to discuss and think about imperialism, de-colonial movements and antiracism and is very open to listen and learn from others' experiences.